July, 2018

In 2018 the Rights and Opportunities Foundation partnered with the iEARN-Orillas Global Learning Network to bring educators from Latin America to share their expertise at the iEARN International Teachers Conference and Youth Summit in Winchester, VA, USA.

From the Migrant Child Storytelling Poster Session at the 2018 iEARN Conference

The theme for the 2018 iEARN conference was Global Collaboration for Sustainable Development. This conference celebrated iEARN’s 30-year history of people and projects that have changed the world while also envisioning a future where educators and youth work together to build a more peaceful and sustainable world. The 2018 conference brought together educators, students, and partners to meet and discuss how they will continue to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through global, collaborative project work.

The Rights and Opportunities Foundation provided fifteen partial scholarships to the conference for an iEARN youth (USA) and for fourteen iEARN educators from Puerto Rico (4), Paraguay (1), Guatemala (1), Argentina (1), United States (3), and the Dominican Republic (3). Orillas coordinators and teachers offered a Technology/Video Workshop; a Migrant Child Storytelling Poster Session; and presentations on: Machinto – Hiroshima for Peace; the KOSKO Future Teachers Project; and Spanish Language Projects (Amigos Alrededor del Mundo and Ecoselfie). Orillas directors participated in the iEARN Assembly Meeting, presented on the history of iEARN-Latina and the value of regional networks in iEARN and organized iEARN-Latina meetings and a focus group on migrants and refugees.


August 2018

Our global learning network project for future teachers, Knowing Our Students; Knowing Ourselves (KOSKO) has been selected by the Organization of American States (OAS) as a highly innovative and replicable educational strategy.

The Latin American educators who participated in the iEARN Conference returned to their home countries with energy, contacts and ideas for sharing their collaborative online projects with a wider audience. KOSKO is now being promoted as an innovative project through an important and highly visible website sponsored by the OAS as a result of an iEARN educator responding to a request for participation.  Lic. Sandra Cristina López de Godoy, an IEARN teacher educator from Paraguay, has been selected to represent this IEARN project at an important regional conference being sponsored by the OAS as part of a panel on Innovative Strategies in Teacher Education. See  “Futuros Maestros en Redes Globales de Aprendizaje” (Future Teachers in Global Learning Networks). The conference presentation and inclusion of the KOSKO program in the OAS’s highly visible and respected Latin American educational website and database will further promote ROF’s goal of creating schools where all children can succeed.

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