Mission Three


Protect the environment

In the field of Environmental Protection the Foundation recognizes that shortages of water, clean air, food and fuel and environmental changes will be the root of conflict and much suffering in the coming century.  Therefore, the Foundation works to promote awareness of the interconnected social, economic and political forces that cause environmental degradation.  Our goal is to support local leaders, organizations and communities in advancing understanding of these issues.  We encourage dialogue about the intersection of social issues, economics and corporate and government policies.  We also address resource preservation and conservation through examination of local subsistence practices, recreational and commercial activities that directly and indirectly affect the environment.

The Founders have a long history of these activities through participation and donations to the Big Sur Land Trust, the Skagit Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, Sempervirens and the Sierra Club as well as participating in community and educational programs. The Foundation continues to support these agencies’ conservation operations but prioritizes Foundation resources on assessment of other at-risk areas and communities. The Foundation partners with schools, community organizations and local influential persons to respond to environmental issues.