Hurricane Maria, the tenth-most intense Atlantic hurricane on record, has caused a major humanitarian crisis in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico suffered catastrophic damage, including destruction of its previously damaged electrical grid. Many people are living without electricity and clean water. With such widespread destruction, the island and its people have great needs – everything from drinking water, food, medicine and personal care items to fuel for generators and construction materials for rebuilding the island.

In collaboration with professors at the University of Puerto Rico, the Rights and Opportunities Foundation has sought to identify community-based organizations that have a history in their areas and that have the capacity to use the donations people provide. Some of these organizations build capacity and provide training or are involved in community organization/development; some are supplying material goods to the regions of greatest need on the island.

See below for a list of recommended community-based organizations and hurricane relief efforts.

Organizations recommended by Puerto Rican colleagues:

Recommendations from Dr. Jorge Colón:

Amor por Vieques:

Description: Support for basic needs on the island of Vieques, with a focus on the most vulnerable populations: women, elderly and children.


Description: A local community organization focused on helping women in Puerto Rico, in particular victims of domestic violence and poverty.

Taller Salud, Loiza: or

Description: An organization with a community feminist perspective that works to improve the well-being of girls and women with a focus on communities with scarce resources.

Donate to the Taller Salud Fund:…

Taller Salud is also connected to the Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund:…/cb4a3c78-5694-4324-bea…

And to the Loíza Hurricane Relief Fundraiser:

Casa Pueblo: or 

Description: Community project to protect cultural, human and natural resources with a focus on sustainable development.


Recommendations from Dr. Marie-Helene Delmestre:

– Para la Naturaleza  or

Description: A a501c3 to help communities next to natural reserves get back on their feet after the hurricane, assist in sustainable agricultural efforts, and start the process of reforestation and restoration of our natural habitats.

– The University of Puerto Rico which established support for students in need

Description: The Rio Piedras Campus of UPR has opened the Emergency Stop and Go Center to provide food, communication support and other assistance to UPR students affected by the hurricane.

Solar Energy for Escuela Antonio Tulla Torres

Description: Electricidad por el Pueblo is soliciting donations for a solar + storage system for the primary school in Mameyes de Utuado, which is still without power more than 7 months after Hurricane Maria.

Donation page:


Recommendations from Dr. Enid Figueroa:

Finca Conciencia: Support for farmers and beekeepers in Vieques:


Recommendations from Dr. Liliana Cotto Morales

– Relief Fund for El Caño: Details on the Facebook Page of Liliana Cotto Morales
– Acacia Network:
Latino Rebels:
Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center and National Boricua Human Rights Network:
Donation page for PR Hurricane Relief: Scroll to bottom and click on the Donate button under PR Hurricane Relief
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